optimum nutrition 100 gold standard natural whey 5 lbs chocolate Review


Reviews by Sam says/ In reply to an earlier post on Sep 1, 2011 7:07:02 PM PDT

Good set of questions. 1. Yes it mixes very well in fat free milk. Its a very light protein, and you will hardly find any clumps. As a rule of thumb if you are mobile, the best way to make a shake is in a shaker. You can get a nice shaker for less than $2.99. 2. The best method is to warm the milk first and then mix it with protein. This is completely fine, however do not boil milk and protein shake. Protein is heat sensitive and if you boil it, it might even agglutinate. Nothing wrong in warming it, provided you warm the milk first. 3. Well, Optimum is pretty smart, the ingredients all natural but thy do have a naturally extracted compound- Rebaudioside added. Its not the best alternative, however its better than other synthetic artificial sweeteners. It is sufficiently sweet, additionally do note that if you use milk it will taste slightly less sweeter in comparison to water. http://www.optimumnutrition.com/products/natural-100-whey-gold-standard-p-202.html 4. They do not specify this, but I don’t think this should be an issue, since ON adhere to the new packaging guidelines under US fed laws. If you wish to verify this, only ON can give you an answer. 5. Yes, opened or not. The expiry is around 2-3 year. 6. Your breakfast combo is not nutritionally balanced. It should be 1 scoop Whey + 1 scoop Oats + 1 cup FF milk (you may add a dash of honey). You can also roast oasts and powder them and mix it whey and take it as a shake. Or, try Oats and Whey from ON 7. No, never make this concoction. Try to consume things in straight up 8. Its not the case buddy, a scoop is 30-32 grams, the protein is 24 grams + 5 grams Carbs + 1 gram fat = 30 grams, rest additives

Reviews by Francisco Wang Chang says/ Posted on Jan 11, 2013 1:57:06 PM PST Hi

Sam, can’t thank you enough for taking your time and posting this wonderful review. Last year I went from having 9.2 percent body fat to having 18.2 percent body fat. My goal this year is to try and reach around the 8% mark before August. I am trying to lose fat and gain muscle mass at the same time. Would be very helpful and thankful if you could recommend me nutrition-wise and also how many times a day (and when) I should be drinking my whey protein. Also, I try to go at least 3-4 times a week to the gym, other than that I play 4-5 hrs of soccer a week. Currently 145 lbs, 5”8, I would say I’m a pretty active person as well. Thank you and best regards, Francisco.

Reviews by By gnarlyharley (Miami, FL) January 15, 2013

 Protein is one of those necessities after a workout or during the day if you’re training. I’ve tried numerous brands and I’ve actually stuck with ON’s for quite a while. The profile is nice for a protein but the best part is, it’s delicious with just water! Some protein powders, I find myself mixing with milk or making a shake to get the taste right. ON’s protein tastes pretty good with just water and in a shaker bottle, it’s so fine that it is easily mixed — gone are the times of clumps of powder in the middle of the bottle. Overall, good buy and for me, I’ve only tried chocolate and I’m enjoying it!

Reviews by By cuponjim January 14, 2013

Good product mixes great compared to cheaper brands, I just use cold water in a shaker and I never have any problems with chunks. taste is also decent. image

Reviews By David A. January 13, 2013 tastes great.

 I’m currently drinking 2-3 shakes per day and this stuff tastes great. The only downside is with this much protein, my farts can peel paint. But I think that would happen for any brand protein shake

Reviews By David A. January 13, 2013

 Excellent product I have been training with weights for many years, and protein supplementation has always been an important complement to that. In the old days, I got a large portion of my protein from cans of tuna I would carry (along with a can opener) in my lunchbox to work every day. The advent of protein powder changed that, and I have used several different brands of whey protein isolate over the last ten years, all of them of good quality. But I think that this Optimum Nutrition product is the best of them. I recently ordered my third 5-pound container of the Double Rich Chocolate flavor. The flavor is the best of any chocolate protein supplement I have ever had. The product mixes better than any other powder I have ever used, mixing completely and leaving no clumps (I always mix it, with ice-cold water, in a BlenderBottle, another excellent product which I highly recommend). Additionally, when ordered from Amazon in the 5-pound container, this is an excellent value. I highly recommend this excellent product!

Reviews By Joe January 12, 2013

Tastes Great It tastes great! I will definitelly be purchasing this product again. The price is better than any of the grocery stores where I live.

Reviews By Richard Gomez, April 3, 2012

 Double Rich Chocolate Review When it comes to a no non-sense protein powder, one that has extras such as glutamine and BCAA’s, and at the same time has a minimal amount of fat and carbs…this is the protein to get. This isn’t a meal replacement or should be used as one, if that’s what your looking for try muscle milk which is high in protein but also other calories as well. This is your post-workout protein shake plain and simple. I always add one banana either in the blender or just eat it separately, and when I’m in bulking phase I’ll also add one tablespoon of peanut butter and bam, you have yourself a meal replacement too if that’s what you prefer. Not to mention, its freaking delicious with the peanut butter! One simple thing I have been adding to each shake is Citrulline Malate and Beta Alanine, Primaforce Citrulline Malate 200 Grams + FREE Beta Alanine Powder 250 Grams. My recovery time has literally been cut in half since adding this to the mix, also worth looking into if you are involved in intense training of any kind.


Reviews By S.MO (USA) , May 15, 2011

This is the best Whey Protein! I’ve used Optimum Nutrition’s Whey Protein for many years and always loved it. Occasionally I have tried other brands and always come back. The price is right and the flavors are usually great. Double Rich Chocolate tastes alright. I’m not going to lie, it doesn’t have the best taste. It used to taste quite a bit better but over the years the flavor has changed. Not as good as it used to be but the ingredient list has been improved. With 24 grams of protein and 5 BCAA’s, yet only 3 carbs, you can’t go wrong! The powder mixes easily in any shaker bottle. I usually mix it with water, but it tastes better if you mix it with milk and/or some fruit. Goes down easy with a few ice cubes. Again! This is the best protein on the market for the price! Sure Optimum Nutrition Hydrowhey is a more refined product that can be digested a little better, but for the price you can’t beat this Gold Standard. I have also tried a couple other flavors. Double Rich Chocolate was what I used all the time. But the flavor isn’t as good as it used to be so I’ve experimented with some others lately. I still drink it but I like to mix it up and swap flavors now. If you don’t like Double Rich Chocolate, try another flavor. You’ll eventually find one you will like. Here is a list of the flavors I have tried and how I rank them (strictly on flavor alone —- 10 = Perfect …. 1 = Bad) Banana Cream - 9 Strawberry Banana - 5 Delicious Strawberry - 6 Double Rich Chocolate - 7 Extreme Milk Chocolate - 5 Tropical Punch - 6 Protein is not meant to taste perfect. It’s meant to be a workout supplement and the taste is just a bonus. Take them for the nutritional benefits and the ability to use them as a meal replacement. ON Gold Standard is simply the best. You can’t go wrong!

 Reviews By gp19 , July 26, 2011

 Best quality-price whey protein out there! General I’ve tried a couple of whey protein brands in the past and this one is by far the best. It’s the best price for quality in the market and ON really put in some effort to develop a quality product. Cutting or bulking. Works excellent both ways. I started using this product in a cutting cycle Feb ‘11, after being off from working out seriously for about 1-2 years. This helped me drop from a 19% body-fat to a 6.5% (current) without losing any considerable muscle mass (my arms stayed at around 16’ through the whole process). After I dropped to a low BFP I started a bulking cycle a couple of weeks ago to try and reach 17ish size in my arms, and then drop body-fat until I’m happy. I’m telling you, either if it’s bulking or cutting if you combine this product with a solid diet you’re going to have awesome results. Serving Size 24gr of protein per serving is pretty good considering that the scoop is relatively small, which means that this product is highly concentrated (being a whey protein isolate). Flavors So far I’ve tried (in both water and skim milk): double rich chocolate, french vanilla, vanilla ice cream, strawberry and cookies and cream. The big winner for me has to be cookies and cream, not to sweet not to stale, just perfect, takes like real ice-cream without that sugary feel. Second place are the vanillas which taste pretty much the same, with a very imperceptible flavor, you might want to try this one if you’re planning to make shakes adding other stuff in (such as bananas, peanut butter, etc). Third place comes the chocolate, which tastes like dark chocolate (kind of a sour flavor) which some people love, but I’m not a big fan of. In last comes strawberry, this one tastes like pure sugar for me. It tasted a little better when mixing with milk, but I couldn’t believe the label when it said it contained the same amount of sugar as the other flavors because it’s just TOO sweet. Conclusion I try to maintain protein intake at 1gr per lbs when cutting and 1.5-2gr per lbs when bulking, this is the perfect supplement to achieve those high protein levels. For me, this product constitutes approximately of 40-50% of my daily protein intake and I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world. Recommendation If you have a bigger budget you might want to consider ON’s HydroBuilder for after training, and taking 100% Gold Standard Whey throughout the day.


Reviews By OverTheMoon ,December 14, 2005

 Bodybuilding Whey Protein Heaven Switch any bodybuilder’s Whey Protein drink with some Optimum 100% Whey Protein and watch as he wants to put a barbell through your head for giving him a McDonald’s shake. Once you have convinced him that it is indeed a Whey Protein supplement he will want to see the list of ingredients with the important protein to carbohydrates to fat ratios that will prove its fatty content… only to discover that Optimum 100% Whey Protein just beats all other Whey Protein into submission with its astonishing lack of fats and higher protein content. So automatically the bodybuilder assumes that the stuff is probably twice the price of other Whey Protein supplements with half the amount until you whip out the bottle that is twice the size of other Whey Protein supplements for the same price. The end result is simply - every single bodybuilder is switching to Optimum 100% Whey Protein. The only downside is finding out that it is not available and having to pay up for a Whey Protein supplement that gives you less and does not taste as good. Once you are supplementing with Optimum 100% Whey Protein it is difficult to swallow another brand. This stuff has revolutionized bodybuilding supplementation. Calories: 120 -Calories from Fat: 10 Total Fat: 1g -Saturated Fat: 0.5g Cholesterol: 30mg Total Carbohydrates: 3g -Sugars: 1g Protein: 24g Calcium: 140mg Sodium: 60mg Potassium: 220mg Enzyme Blend: 25mg -Aminogen — -Lactase — As an added note: I have tried a few tastes, and Chocolate (also known as Double Chocolate) is one of best all round for everybody. Also Mint Chocolate tastes great if you like Mint Chocolate. Cookies and Cream is not so bad for a change. Personally I prefer Mint Chocolate.


Reviews By Angelus Draven,January 16, 2007 

Quality, Quantity, and cheap! Hands down, this is the best Protein powder a person can invest in. The Good: -Minimal calories(120 calories per scoop) -Very low carbs and sugars -High quality protein. -High amount of protein person serving(24 grams) Compare to others that only give you 20-22 grams per serving. -Best tasting protein powder i’ve used. Tastes just like chocolate milk when using skim milk. Not grainy, chunky, and no bad aftertaste. -Mixes easily and well. -Great price for the quantity you get. The Bad -NOTHING! This protein is recommended for people who do moderate workouts. For intense bodybuilding or mass gains, go with a different powder since this is low in calories.

Reviews By Benz (Cali), March 7, 2010

Fulfills workout needs I have been using ON for at least 4 months now everytime after I work out. The flavor never gets old, and I mix it with water! It supplies 24 g of protein everytime. That is equivalent to a burger without all the carbs and fat. Recovery rate is fast and I feel stronger everytime I go back to the gym. Revies By Harkanwar Anand (New York, New York), December 15, 2006 FASCINATING PRODUCT I’ve read a few reviews of this product around here but none have actually managed to define this product. So here I am, explaining my first hand experience with this dietary supplement. Please note - this tastes great but if you’re looking for taste, I suggest you go and eat a couple of Twix bars, not whey protein. Also, I will not be talking about proteins, isolates or any other technical term. I avoided taking supplements for a long time because I thought I didn’t need them. Then upon being recommended this particular product by my gym instructor, I purchased it. It came at a steep price but now I have a permanent source so it’ll be easier for me to obtain it. So I took this for forty five days during which I used to gym for about 5 days a week and took rests during the weekends. Pros - There was no immediate power surge. In fact, I felt more of an upside in my gym’ing temperament. I became more regular and serious about my workouts. When you pay extra, you consciously or unconsciously tend to focus more. I take this as an upside. - Towards the second week, it started working. My left arm bicep which lacked precise definition started to shape up. Also, now there is no noticeable difference between the size of my right and left bicep. The left seems to be well shaped and the egg is just placed at the right zone. - No side effects. None whatsoever. In fact, there are a few sexual upsides which you’ll know about once you take it. - The taste is just right and there are no dirty burps after you finish taking. I take my whey with water because I have heard that milk has calcium which softens the body muscle. I use a fork to mix it in a glass containing an odd 400 ML of water. I mix for around 40 seconds. You can also use your mixer and freeze it as per your convenience but then, that’s a bit too fancy for my liking, so choose wisely because you have to do this everyday. - You don’t have to take it on Saturdays (or the day you don’t work out on that day) Take this after your workout. The effect is maximized if you’re regular at the gym. - Great Packaging. Difficult to duplicate. - I didn’t lose weight but I gained some exceptional muscle in the 45 odd days I did take this supplement. They say one serving contains 24 grams of proteins. That’s mighty and I realized that after using my first 2Lb box. However, I’m not one of those guys who workout to get a wrestler’s physique. Maybe not even half of it. I’m an average height gym enthusiast who would like to be very ripped one day. I weight just about right but this particular whey tends to make you look pretty darn good without your tshirt. - I did notice an eventual increase in my stamina but then, I’m hardly ever “tired” before I’m working out. I workout in the evenings. To sum the pros up, it has great taste, seemed to work within a week and eventually managed to shape me up in a very short time. I wasn’t badly built before but this toned my muscles up to an extent more universally acceptable. Whey Protein can also give you size besides toning you up. Increase the weight involved. It should be a gradual increase and you will see the result. However, I avoid doing this since I’d look extremely stocky if I try to grow my arms. For people looking to tone their arms, try working with lighter weights & more reps. THIS ALSO SMELLS GOOD, TASTES MIGHTY IF MIXED WITH MILK(once in a way unless you intend to do that permanently). Cons - Lack of instruction manual. No information as to where this is made. Overall, read the above twice and make your mind up. You can post any questions in form of comments. And no, I haven’t used any other whey protein and I doubt I will. Just be regular and START with only a 2Lb box to see if it works for you, like it does for me. P.S - For you taste lovers, this is better than your cough inducing McDonalds shake. Avoid Vanilla. Strawberry,supposedly, tastes way better. image

Reviews By jumpannejump “Anne” (Gresham, OR), June 14, 2012

Best Tasting Protein Powder I have been a personal trainer for 12 years. Trust me, I have tried MANY types and brands of protein powder. Optimum Nutrition brand has the best tasting, highest quality powdered protein - bar none! I will never ask a client to try anything I haven’t tried myself, so I can say with great certainty, the flavors are excellent. There is no funny “after taste” when you make this powder into a shake. I usually put a scoop of dry powder in a small shake container. The powder stays fresh in your car, messenger bag or gym locker until you are ready to use it. Try that with a bar!! Just add 16oz. of cold fountain or bottled water at the gym, for an after workout muscle recovery drink. At home, I use skim milk, but the shake tastes just as good with water and a good shaking. Many protein bars and powders cause excessive gas….bad news if you are going out in a public place after your workout! This protein powder is an excellent quality whey and does not cause tooting…really. Can’t beat the nutrition for 120 calories. Chocolate mint is a fave. I keep trying other brands as my clients ask about them, but ALWAYS come back to O.N.

Reviews By Tandy (Bay Area, CA USA), March 12, 2010

 Great protein, poor flavor choice ON Whey has always been my top choice after many years of switching around. It’s simply the best out there. I base this assertion on its superior taste, protein content, and mixability. I would, however, caution you against getting some of their more creative or original flavors. Stick to something generic like chocolate or vanilla, because you never know when you want to mix something in with it like fruit, oats, whatever. With chocolate mint, it’s not a really good base for a meal replacement shake. Still no complaints against the protein though.

 Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard by Optimum Nutrition image

Optimum Nutrition is very popular all over the world. A product that has a variety of facilities in addition to a candy wafers as a snack, but the price is more reasonable way to open a bottle of this upcoming movie, I feel it, smell it foul. But tea is very fragrant. I chose a delicious caramel flavor. I like the taste of it is not very sweet, very sweet, easy to dissolve.

Product Details

 • Flavor: Double Rich Chocolate | Size: 5 Pound

 • Product Dimensions: 8 x 8 x 10.8 inches

 • One 5.15-pound tub of chocolate-flavored whey protein

 • Packed with whey protein isolates

 • For maintaining and increasing lean muscle mass

 • Instantized to mix easily with a spoon

 • Each serving provides over 5 grams of BCAAs

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Best optimum nutrition 100 gold standard natural whey 5 lbs chocolate

Best optimum nutrition 100 gold standard natural whey 5 lbs chocolate image

"Whey protein" with many benefits

Have you ever wondered why some new players are talking about whey protein and why Whey protein is is a product that is popular club? It is because whey protein is a food source for Abu perfect nature and easy to use as a supplement. And the body. Work effectively on multiple levels. . Whey protein is first choice of nutritional supplements for athletes. And not just bodybuilders. It is a good source of protein. But there are also low-fat. Suitable for a certain type of protein in the diet. But whey protein. Would have helped. Repair parts for wear. It differs from carbohydrates. And there will be no change to the fat it has. Finally, you will be


pleased with the results for sure. Whey protein is a protein derived from milk. And has many health benefits. Studies have indicated that “Whey protein” acts against bacteria and viruses, as well as antioxidants to help keep blood pressure normal. In addition to these benefits. Whey protein also has you. Physical biology is a component of lactose sapphire lactoferrin and immunoglobulin Golden Buddha Mountain immunoglobulins which are important for the immune system. Advantage is that the immune system of the body to work. more efficient. Whey protein also has the ability to convert the amino acid glutathione, an antioxidant that works to increase as well.


"Whey protein" is a protein that is soluble in water. For this reason. Into the bloodstream can digest easily. And can be replaced. Nutrients lost after injury. Or after exercise. Whey protein has a fresh taste. For this reason. It added to the drink perfectly.


Whey is the liquid that comes from the breast milk and cause clotting. If you’ve seen or experienced in making cheese the green liquid blue liquid flowing out is whey protein. Whey protein is a high quality can be obtained from Products below. Check out Milk protein products and processed foods like whey supplements are widely available, whether in the form of high-flavored pellet (hydro lysate) and hydrolyzed protein(hydrolyzed protein).

Function of the “whey protein”

"Whey protein" is widely consumed in the diet. In Thailand and other whey protein has been widely used for the treatment of heart disease. Osteoporosis. HBV. And cancer. In addition, there are many advantages in the field of sports.

Science and health benefits of whey

Even in science. It is backed with a little whey protein that provides many health benefits. I discovered something interesting. Some of the following.


The results showed that “Whey protein” is beneficial to the heart and also helps to maintain blood pressure levels. C - reactive protein (C-reactive protein) and LD LDL Peter Dillon (LDL cholesterol) from the past with Patients with hypertension, 30 in 2006, found that after 6 weeks the store to consume whey protein to glucose and pressure drop. Which is a key factor in the cause of heart disease?


Of research shows that “whey protein” supplements. Enhance exercise better. . Fact. Whey protein supplements. Can help to build muscle and repair the wear. It also contributes to bone formation. . Bones strong and help prevent it. Prevention ofosteoporosis.


Whey protein is good for you or not

The research, which at this time is the lack of sufficient information to verify that it is recommended to use whey protein. In the treatment or prevention. Disease on physical health, as well as other diseases. It can be consumed whey protein. To nourish the body. Before you start consuming whey protein. Doctor or specialist. Nutrition before.


Of the “whey protein”

Fat metabolism: the importance of protein that helps to control weight. This is another reason that makes the player and the club chose to consumers. Whey protein supplements. . Which they need protein per day than regular whey protein is easily digested. The metabolism of proteins, a process that is totally different compared to the metabolism of carbohydrates. In the body, whey protein metabolism. It can burn the amount of calories you Lee. Which affect hormones that reduce appetite down because this is not what you will eat less, but that does not make you hungry? This is the reason that whey protein helps to burn fat even better than ever. Whey is rich. Essential amino acids and also sources. Chain of amino acids as well. NJ dealer comprising the scene (Lucien) which contributes to muscle building. Although Le Scene (Lucien) are present in the egg white protein, soy protein and casein, but not less than the amount of whey anyway. For those in between hard workouts. Whey protein helps in succession. Glutathione, the body is lost. Glutathione is an anti-Muslim region in the tri-peptide (dipeptide). Which is reduced after heavy exercise, whey protein not only acts as a replacement of glutathione, the body loses only. It also helps the immune system to work more effectively as well. . Whey protein helps to heal the wound to heal faster. . And hence further concluded that Whey protein helps in the growth of the skin.

"Whey protein"

help promote the growth of muscle cells. It is an excellent supplement if you want to limit muscle and bone loss due to increased age. . Which is suitable for people aged 40 years and over. Whey protein suitable for the growth of children with and without any side effects at all. . Even for athletes and fitness. Such as standing still. Whey protein is the best choice for them. Due to whey protein supplements are a natural fit for people who want a natural supplement. Supplements at the same time.


The best time to eat “whey protein”

Whey protein is an ideal supplement for those who need to have a healthy body. And the amino acids needed to build muscle. And tissue repair worn at the same time. . The best time to eat protein is eaten in the morning with breakfast. If you are an athlete or a fitness expert at the research on muscle building. You need to eat protein after a workout is done with this is because the body builds muscle tissue wear replace it. I eat whey protein. Immediately after exercise. Tissue to replace tissue is torn during exercise better. Eating whey. As a snack or as a last meal of the day, it would be a huge benefit as well. . It is a protein that works well. In the body of the people in the relaxation or sleep. Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard by Optimum Nutrition image

Optimum Nutrition is very popular all over the world. A product that has a variety of facilities in addition to a candy wafers as a snack, but the price is more reasonable way to open a bottle of this upcoming movie, I feel it, smell it foul. But tea is very fragrant. I chose a delicious caramel flavor. I like the taste of it is not very sweet, very sweet, easy to dissolve.

Optimum nutrition 100 gold standard natural whey 5 lbs chocolate :

Whey Protein Isolate is the primary ingredient in the over.Every brand that has the highest protein content to 24 g per line ripping and compared the ratio of 100%.It provides up to 79% protein. - A mixture of HydroWhey or Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate is processed Peptide.

Therefore absorbed more quickly

- optimum nutrition 100 gold standard natural whey 5 lbs chocolate contains Lactase and Aminogen ® is used in the production of the digestive sine Ames. To be absorbed. Absorbed more quickly. The body can synthesize it hit. And amino acids are taken to be even more. - Soluble in water easily. And dissolve it in the blink of an eye. - There are more than 4 grams of L-Glutamine per line ripping and moreover a BCAA (leucine, isoleucine, and valine). Up to 5.5 g. - No added sugar. The sweetener Aspartame is dangerous.

Product Details

• Flavor: Double Rich Chocolate | Size: 5 Pound • Product Dimensions: 8 x 8 x 10.8 inches • One 5.15-pound tub of chocolate-flavored whey protein • Packed with whey protein isolates • For maintaining and increasing lean muscle mass • Instantized to mix easily with a spoon • Each serving provides over 5 grams of BCAAs

How to eat

Day of the exercise - Dosage 1 tablespoon (30.4 grams) with water or milk - you wake up immediately after breakfast, one hour before exercise and immediately after exercise. We do not have the physical strength - you wake up immediately after breakfast. And lunch.

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